Bathroom furniture maintenance

Antado bathrooms are products for long-term usage. Take care of their condition and a flawless look.

How to care about bathroom furniture?

Our bathroom furniture is specifically designed for bathroom use. Nevertheless, direct contact with water or excessive condensation may cause damage to the products. How to take care of the cabinets so that they are durable for as long as possible?

  • Make sure that your bathroom has proper ventilation to reduce humidity inside it.
  • While mounting the cabinet to the wall please use silicone sealant between the unit and the washbasin and between the unit and the wall according to the instruction attached to the product.
  • You should not mount the furniture where it would be in risk of being splashed with water from a shower or a bath tub – make sure these two zones are separated.
  • In case of direct contact with water every splash must be wiped out from the surface of the furniture as soon as possible.
  • Make sure your water installation is tight so that the cabinets do not swell from water leakage.
  • Do not use any cleaning agents containing chlorine, abrasives or corrosive acids as they can damage the surface of the cabinets.
  • Remove dirt immediately with a delicate cloth and a gentle cleaning agent.

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